Banquet Chef Job Duties

By | December 19, 2012

Banquet Chef Job Duties include deciding the menu, planning the presentation of food, coordinating with the kitchen staff, ordering the food ingredients, cooking different food items and handling various other tasks. These chefs may be required to work under the guidance and supervision of an executive chef usually working in big restaurants and hotels that host banquet parties and events.

Those aspiring to become a banquet chef should enroll at a culinary arts school. Such schools offer various culinary programs that teach cooking skills, educate about food and nutrition, safe food handling and related subjects.

Banquet Chef Job Duties

  • Banquet Chef is required to decide the food menu in association with the banquet coordinate and executive chef.
  • Banquet Chef is required to prepare various food items for different events as per the requirement of the clients.
  • Banquet Chef needs to oversee the food arrangements at parties and events hosted at the banquets.
  • Banquet Chef is required to prepare food for corporate lunches, dinners and breakfast buffets.
  • Banquet Chef needs to order different ingredients required for the preparation of various food items.
  • Banquet Chef is required to ensure that the food prepared is that of good quality and also tastes delicious.
  • Banquet Chef is also required to ensure that the nutritional value of the food is not lost in an attempt to make it tastier.
  • Banquet Chef needs to work with different electrical appliances in order to roast, toast and bake food and make various other food preparations.
  • Banquet Chef is required to ensure that all safety measures are taken while preparing the food.
  • Banquet Chef is required to work in association with the other kitchen staff.
  • Banquet Chef needs to decide the way the food is to be presented to the customers. They may guide the junior kitchen staff to present the food in a certain manner.

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