Banking Job Duties

By | August 30, 2012

Banking jobs require people to have a good analytical skills as well as good experience of clerical and banking activities. The banking field provides lot of opportunities and scope for the people interested in the field. The people applying in the banking field should possess mathematical skills and good communication capabilities.

The bank teller position in the banking field has to undertake transactions and duties like interacting with customers and clients regarding banking queries and they are the first person with whom the customers interact. They relate to the customers relating to accounts opening, transactions and drafts handling. They save and withdraw money as per the customers’ requirements.

In case of a credit manager, the person handles cash and credit issues. He is solely responsible for credit management of the banking institution. He remits the cash inflow and withdrawal of the bank as well as cash deposits. The credit manager also reviews credit policies and plans for the progress of the bank.

The chartered accountant has to manage the auditing and accounts of the person or the organization assigned to. The chartered accountant has also to develop accounting and trading policies and handle the accounts of the clients and the customers.

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