Bank Teller Job Requirements

By | October 17, 2012

If you would like to enter a financial company such as a bank, one of the best things you could do is to become a bank teller at the bank in question. The tellers learn to help with peoples savings and they also learn about everyday operations. The best thing about this position is that you have the possibility to advance in your career.

Primary duties

Your main job is to manage the cash drawer on an everyday basis and you are responsible   for balancing larger sums of money. During the day you have to accept loan payments and deposits, cash checks and process deposits.

Secondary duties

The tellers also have to sell different kinds of monetary instruments like money orders or traveler’s checks. They have to open or refer savings or checking accounts and if the clients happen to have any questions, they must be able to answer them.

It is also possible that the teller will have to audit the vault of the branch, to maintain and balance the ATMs and to make it possible for the clients to enter to the safety deposit boxes. If there are drive through teller windows, the tellers have to operate them as well along with the coin counting machines.


Usually the banks require the tellers to have at least a high school diploma and there is no need for a college degree. It might be good for you to have a bachelors’ in finance, business or math. There are also some special programs that you can attend to receive a certificate in the field.

Skill and physical requirements

Keep in mind that the bank tellers might have to stand on their feet for longer periods of time and they have to lift heavy boxes of coins on a regular basis. They must be amiable and friendly with the clients. It is good for them to have computer knowledge and they must have multi-tasking skills to solve several problems at once.


It is good if you have some experience with handling money. It is also preferred for the applicant to have a background with retail sales or customer service. Such experiences could take you to the top of the applicants’ list.

Remember that the job isn’t as easy as it seems at first and there is a lot of responsibility involved. However you can be sure that this is a truly rewarding job if you can do it.


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