Bank Teller Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Bank Teller Duties

The first line of transaction in a bank that clients deal with, after the bank security guard right at the door, is the bank teller. The bank teller is the one in-charge of attending to, processing and recording the routine transactions for bank customers,  as such cashing checks, accepting deposits and withdrawals, processing loan payments and money transfers. They are the ones who promote and advise on the bank’s products implicitly and explicitly. They are expected to provide excellent service to customers.

Bank Teller Job Duties

  • To accept cash and checks for deposit and check the accuracy of the deposit slips
  • To give assistance for client’s cash withdrawals
  • To open and close vaults
  • To balance daily cash
  • To prepare specialized tasks like preparing cashier’s check, personal money orders, traveler’s check, foreign currency exchange, Food stamps, Stop Payments and Certificates of Deposits
  • To promote bank services to customers; cross sell bank products at every given opportunity
  • To do the bank opening and closing as required

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