Bank Teller Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Bank Teller Duties

The job duties of a Bank Teller is to accurately and competently process and record routine business for bank customers which includes cashing checks, receiving deposits and withdrawals, processing loan payments and money transfers. In addition he should also promote and advise on the bank’s financial products and services to the customers.

Job Duties of Bank Teller

  • He needs to receive and calculate working cash at beginning of shift
  • His duty would be to identify customers, authorize and cash checks
  • Bank Teller can accept cash and checks for deposit and verify accuracy of deposit slip process cash withdrawals
  • He needs to perform specific tasks such as preparing cashier’s checks, individual money orders, exchanging foreign currency and issuing traveler’s checks.
  • Executing services for customers includes ordering bank cards and checks
  • He will have to receive and verify loan payments, mortgage payments and utility bill payments
  • Keeping records of all transactions on time, accurately and in compliance with bank dealings, balance currency, cash and checks in cash drawer at end of each shift
  • Responding to inquiries concerning checking and savings accounts and other bank related products
  • He needs to resolve issues and problems with customer’s accounts

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