Bank Officer Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Bank Officer Duties

A bank officer is so much like any other employee of the bank. However, the bank officer is given and provided by the bank with some kind of legal control and power to enter into any transaction, to sign and administer paper on behalf of the bank itself. This job can also be assigned to branch managers or to assistant managers and to other personnel of good capacity as may be assigned by the bank. He will have to be as responsible because he literally enters into a transaction as the authority for and of the bank.

Bank Officer Job Duties

  • Study and assess credit applications for individual borrower and companies
  • Manage the resources and property of the bank intelligently and professionally
  • Communicate with staff for any inquiry or any transaction information
  • Communicate with clients about the bank’s services and promotional campaigns if there is any
  • Explain the details of the contract and agreement to clients for the purposes of clarity and transparency
  • Make bank decisions with determination and guided by professional tactics with the bank as the prime consideration
  • Give financial advice and information to potential clients
  • Make plans and execute plans for the banks additional investments
  • Devise plans on how to increase revenues and how to retain satisfied clients to make long-term business with the bank
  • Work with superiors and subordinates professionally

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