Bank Manager Duties

The bank manager is the person in charge of a local bank or banks. He is the head of such organization and supervises all the activities of all the branch banks. The bank manager works with a number of people or assistants who may help him in the coordination of the activities among the different branches. He can also contribute in policy-making and or decision making as the case or situation may require.

Bank Manager Job Duties

  • Oversee the activities of one branch or more than one branch
  • Hire, train and supervise staff working in the bank
  • Check security and references of potential employees
  • Set policies and training staff on changes in bank policies, if needed
  • Set targets and make sure they are met
  • Develop training programs or incentive schemes to increase deposits and make plans to improve the services of the bank and to increase clients
  • Motivate his staff to improve employee productivity
  • Follow bank policies and make sure that all others do the same
  • Interact with local chambers of commerce, development agencies, solicitors, accountants and others
  • Address and handle customer complaints and provide assistance to the point of making sure they are satisfied with the bank’s services and personnel

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