Bank Guard Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Bank Guard Duties

Every time we go to a bank, the very first person we meet is the bank guard. These guards are often disregarded, but people are usually highly critical of the kind of service they give to clients – whether they are polite or helpful or the exact opposite. Too often, bank guards are left unnoticed, but their services are also very vital in the smooth operation and safe keeping of the bank, the bank personnel and all other things inside the banks. Bank guards often risk their lives for the bank they serve.

Bank Guard Job Duties

  • Primarily to protect the bank and the people and other valuables in it
  • Observe and record information as required by the bank
  • Make sure that no harm or dangers might happen to anyone within the premises of the bank or even near  it
  • Make sure that everyone who enters the bank has legitimate banking business and not just to loiter around or hang around
  • Enforce the rules and regulations of the bank
  • Make sure that clients who enter the bank will have to remove scarf of hats, if it is in accordance with the bank’s policy
  • Station himself in a conspicuous place making himself a deterrent to anyone who might wish to any form of crime
  • Stop any harmful or criminal acts against the bank or anyone in it
  • Call the authority if situation becomes out of hand
  • Inspect bags or other luggage before the person enters in, in accordance with bank policy

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