Bank Executive Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Bank Executive Job Duties include various banking related tasks. Bank Executives maintain the client’s accounts, help them operate their accounts and answer their queries. In order to get into this position one must have a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. A post graduate degree specializing in Finance or Accounts is an added advantage.

Bank Executive Job Duties

  • The main task of a Bank Executive is to work towards raising the bank revenue.
  • Bank Executives are required to acquire new customers.
  • They need to make strategies to get the potential customers converted into actual customers.
  • Bank Executives are required to handle the queries and complaints of the existing customers as well as answer the queries of the prospective customers
  • They are required to help the senior banking officials in conducting meetings.
  • They need to be a part of the discussions related to alliances and mergers and provide their inputs on the same.
  • Bank Executives need to set targets for their subordinates and help them meet the set objectives
  • They are also involved in forming the bank policies and taking other crucial decisions
  • They are also expected to train the junior banking staff and guide them whenever required
  • Bank Executives need to follow the instructions given by senior banking officials and work accordingly
  • They are expected to motivate their juniors and be an inspiration for them.
  • Bank Executives need to oversee the work done by their juniors and provide them feedback.
  • They are required to oversee the weekly and monthly bank reports and figure out the areas of improvement.

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