Baker Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Baker Duties

A baker is someone who provides something to ease the hunger of people. Bakers make products which go straight to the inside of the every individual who eats the bread and therefore such bread becomes part of the person whole being. So being a baker is not as simple as we might think, though it is not as fabulous as most of the high-paying and executive careers. Being a baker involves a lot of duties he needs to carry out in the process of making and baking the bread.

Baker Job Duties

  • the selection of the finest and the freshest grains and ingredients to be made into bread
  • checking up that the baking area is clean and free from any harmful insects or unwanted elements
  • checking up the baking and cooking utensils and equipment have been cleaned and if possible, have been sterilized for the fullest protection against germs and bacteria
  • checking up that the temperature in the baking area is conducive enough – not too warm because it will easily dry the dough and bread, and not too moist because it will affect the fermentation of the dough
  • be as creative and imaginative in making attractive and flavorful breads
  • making sure that after the bread is baked, the finished product will be kept, stored or packaged carefully
  • and doing the best marketing strategy to sell out the bread like hotcakes – to generate big profits

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