Back Office Course Councilor Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Back Office Course Councilor Duties

The main job duty of a back office councilor is to give back end support to the people working in the front of the organizational desk and of course those who are facing the clients of the organization. The clients may come up with many problems to the front desk and these problems are often sent to the back desk for solution. So, these back office people can also be referred to as the backbone of customer service in any organization.

Job Duties of a Back Office Course Councilor

  • His most important job duty is to perform back office coordination and see that every client gets a solution to their problem and leaves the organization, happy and satisfied.
  • Sometimes, it will also be the duty of the backend office staff to take enquiries or any sorts of complaints etc. of the customers on phone and if there is any walk-ins. This can happen only if there is an absentee in the front office.
  • In such cases, they will have to explain to the customers properly the exact reason of their problem and how much time he or she may exactly require to fix up the problem.

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