Auxiliary Nurse Job Duties

By | June 24, 2013

An auxiliary nurse is a nurse who is not required to be registered. She also need not hold any specific academic qualifications or any other kind of training. She is a nurse who just takes care of patients in a basic way. There are many tasks that a candidate performs as an auxiliary nurse for instance she is required to make her patients feel as much comfortable as she can and many other such responsibilities. The idea is to aid the healing as faster as possible. Mentioned below are an auxiliary nurse’s job duties.

Sample Auxiliary Nurse Job Duties

  • An auxiliary nurse’s basic job is to administrate special care to the patients and make them feel at ease.
  • She also needs to help the patients with their daily chores like washing up, grooming, feeding and wearing clothes.
  • She needs to check on the patients’ progress rate and report to the senior doctors.
  • She needs to maintain a case history of every patient to help the physicians with their treatment and notify them if a particular medicine isn’t suiting the patient.
  • She must observe and keep a check on the vital sign of a patient’s well being like checking up on their body temperature and blood pressure at regular intervals.
  • She also has to make the bed for the patients and take patients around on a wheel chair for those who can’t move.
  • She also helps take blood samples and other bodily fluids for examination.
  • She is required to keep herself updated with all the medical knowledge and trends.
  • She also works in tandem with other medical professionals like nutritionists and physiotherapists to assist them in their sessions.
  • She needs to prepare the equipment required before the sessions start.
  • She needs to make a note during these sessions about the patients’ response, and progress.

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