Automotive Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

Automotive technicians are expected to maintain and repair various light weight vehicles. An automotive technician must take a formal training in this field. It is recommended to attend a post secondary automotive training program in order to double the chances of getting an opportunity to work as an automotive technician.

Automotive Technician Job Duties

  • Read and gather information about the latest in the automotive service industry and learn about the latest methods of performing the automotive technician’s tasks more efficiently
  • Work as a part of a team of automotive technicians as well as individually
  • Examine problems related to exhaust, brake and hydraulic, primary fuel ignition issues and advanced fuel ignition issues.
  • Repair problems related to brake and hydraulic, exhaust, primary fuel ignition issues, and advanced fuel ignition issues.
  • Scrutinize issues related to air conditioning, alignment and suspension and various other parts and repair all these issues by using the latest methods and techniques.
  • Explain about the various technical issues arising in the client’s vehicle and give adequate information about what needs to be done and how much money would be involved in repairing
  • Automotive technicians usually carry out the maintenance and repair work of electric vehicles and vehicles that run on gasoline and fuels like ethanol.
  • Maintenance work also includes changing the oil regularly, tire rotation and examine the vehicle for other faults or issues and rectifying them.
  • Render services at a place convenient to the client
  • Cope up with hectic work life; be ready to offer services even at erratic hours.

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