Automotive Engineer Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Automotive Engineer Duties

An automotive engineer develops latest designs and features for automotive parts like batteries, engines, transmissions, and other automotive gears and equipments. He may change or modify existing equipment according to its basic skills and supervises how to construct and test the latest vehicle equipments with the improved performance. He takes a good look over all the parts and on their features too.

Job duties of Automotive Engineer

  • Automotive engineer test and makes an experiment on the designs and parts which are used in the vehicles to increase their performance.
  • His duty is to check all the parts such as motors, hydraulics, components and their systems, chassis and all the other related mechanics.
  • His duty is to design the best tools and components which can be used to satisfy customers and used to increase the value of the product.
  • One of the most important concerns is the emission control; the major duty of the automotive engineer is to increase the performance at the optimum cost.
  • His duty is to direct and make the coordination according to the automotive equipments and make sure that it will be conform according to the engineering design.
  • He can make changes in the equipments based on the various test and develop a new concept at any time.

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