Automobile Sales Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Automobile Sales Duties

Sales in Automobile industry are an important aspect. The Automobile Sales person needs to make strategies to maintain the sales of the firm and also to improve the services of the sales department.  The person is to make sales targets and budgets and achieve them. The Sales person is to be efficient and consistent in his work and actions to achieve maximum goals. The sales executive is required to sell new and used cars to prospective customers. He should have a good knowledge about the cars in the market and the vehicles the company has launched. The sales executive should have good communication skills and negotiation skills. The sales executive is required to work both indoors and outdoors depending on the job requirement and customer requirement.

Automobile Sales Job Duties

  • Conducted sales meetings among the executives monthly to reviase sales plans and acess their work.
  • Understood the requirements of the customer and demonstrate car according their convenience.
  • Scrutinized demonstration of cars for the customers and accompanying assistance.
  • Resolve customer queries and problems.
  • Interacted with customers relating to their requirement of cars and vehicles.
  • Supervises sales and set targets for the sales executives.
  • Understood the customers’ budget of buying vehicle and the requirements and accordingly showcased him vehicles appropriately.
  • Explain cars features and working status both on the showroom and on test drives.
  • Developed and implemented new strategies to increase sales of the store.

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