Automobile Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

The automobile job field offers a wide variety of job duties and offers for an individual. The person applying for the automobile job should have a thorough knowledge and idea of an automobile. He should know the functioning of the vehicle and the process of handling it.

Incase of an automobile engineer, the individual has to develop the vehicle machinery and working with the help of modern engineering techniques and tools. The engineer has to develop the working as well as the image of the automobile and the road vehicles. The engineer uses safety, mechanical and other physical engineering principles to develop the automobile working mechanism. He also has to test the cars before letting out for sales to review their safe working.

Likewise an automobile estimator has the primary duty of evaluating the damages and harm caused to the vehicle. The estimator inspects the damage in case during an accident and then evaluates the costs and estimates of repairing and payments. He maintains effective communication with the customers and tells them about the estimation.

An automobile sales executive promotes sales of an automobile. He makes strategies to develop sales and improve sales of the automobile company. The sales executive is to sale new and old cars to the customers as per their requirement and budget analysis.

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