Automobile Estimator Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Automobile Estimator Duties

The Automobile Estimator job is to access the automobiles damage and accordingly estimating them and working out about it with the customers. Incase of an accident or damage, the estimator oversees the vehicle and estimates the overall damage and accesses it to the owners and customers. The primary work of the estimator is to access and scrutinize the body of the vehicle and its damage and functioning. The automobile estimator reviews the damage done and makes reports of the damage and the costs procured in repairing the damage.

Automobile Estimator Job Duties

  • Estimate the damage being caused on the cars.
  • Skilled in managing clients and maintaining effective relations with them.
  • Remarkable capability in tracing out the problem.
  • Have excellent problem solving qualities.
  • Suggest innovative methods as to how to maintain the car.
  • Assessed and estimated all types of vehicle damage and scrutinised reports for the customers.
  • Reviewed payments after accessing damage and provided solutions to the clients.
  • Make adjustment and repairs as brake adjustment, tire adjustment or lubricant change.
  • Estimated costs and purchases of repairs and prepared reports of the analysis.
  • Questioned customers about vehicle use and analyzed reports.
  • Ordered parts not available in showroom.
  • Supervised repair work of damaged vehicles to access the quantity of damage.
  • Improvised old vehicles and reviewed the body and engine work and made reports.

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