Automobile Engineer Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Automobile Engineer Duties

Automobile engineering is a profession where the engineers work at developing the image and appearance as well as the working technique of the automobile or other road vehicles. The automobile engineer is a person who uses engineering principles to develop and create automobiles and cars. The automobile engineer incorporates mechanical, electronic, electrical, software and safety engineering principles to design and manufacture automobiles, cars, motorbikes, trucks and buses. He designs the overall components and functions of the automobile. The automobile oversees the safety principles along with the vehicle dynamics and operation, performance, durability and various other functions of an automobile. In short, he is to design, test and develop vehicles. The automobile engineer works in multiple fields as aerodynamics, manufacturing, motor sport, vehicle development and safety. The automobile engineer works to develop and maintain the high standard of vehicle by using advanced technology in sync with traditional vehicle making methods. The automobile engineer is required having good design concept and technique.

Automobile Engineer Job Duties

  • Designed body and function components of the cars.
  • Analyzed working conditions and engine technicalities to develop them accordingly.
  • Tested the vehicles before forwarding to the market.
  • Developed components of the used vehicles.
  • Carried out experiments on evaluating existent designs of different car models.
  • Developed data for formulating new designs.
  • Supervised car testing activities and techniques.
  • Conducted research and established standards for efficient production.
  • Developed test procedures of vehicles.
  • Reviewed safety tools and techniques implemented in the vehicles.
  • Reviewed old cars and vehicles and improvised their designs and machinery to develop them.
  • Evaluated proper and efficient materials for production of cars.

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