Automobile Driving Instructor Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Automobile Driving Instructor Duties

As an automobile driving instructor, your basic job duty will be to help the new drivers understand the rules of the road and the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Your job duty involves giving both driving training course in the classroom and also giving hands-on experience in an automobile or a vehicle.

Job Duties of an Automobile Driving Instructor

  • Your main job duty will be giving training to the students in the classroom on how to operate a motor vehicle. You will also have to explain to them the various parts of the vehicle which are used in various operations on the road. This includes headlights, braking systems and turn signals.
  • It will also be your duty to explain to the students various emergency driving situations. This means driving when the road is wet or when you are driving on ice and snow. You must explain to the students the various techniques needed for operating a motor vehicle.
  • You will also have to give information on the driving laws and vehicle standards in the state.
  • As a trainer you will have to accompany the students on the road for driving practice. During on-the-road practice, you will have to give direction to the student, and guide them on the practice of various driving techniques such as parking, turning and safely stopping the vehicle.

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