Automation Engineer Job Duties

By | October 31, 2013

An automation engineer has the duty to manage the systems and keep the systems updated all the time. The automation engineers will have to ensure smooth functioning of the system and network, and troubleshoot the problems immediately within a short notice.

An automation engineer should posses a degree in electronics or electrical engineering and must possess good knowledge of the latest technology. They have to have good communication skills. Some of automation engineer job duties are discussed here under.

Automation Engineer Job Duties

  • In-charge of system operations and maintenance.
  • Reduce the problems that are faced with respect to the system and technology by finding out long term solutions for the problems.
  • Coordinate with the operations department and improve the effective utilization of the system, network and softwares.
  • Maintain records of the key issues and address them to the higher management to find out effective solutions.
  • Should have to do coding to support the departmental needs and create good automation process.
  • Come up with creative solutions and improve the process, by reducing the downtime.
  • Has to design and program programs which can be used in multiple projects, and which are easily executable.
  • Understand the process requirement and the client requirements and provide solutions accordingly.
  • Come up with more user friendly programs which are convenient for users and also applicable in multiple streams.
  • Has to be innovative and imaginative when it comes to designing or creating a program.
  • Has to talk with clients, and gauge their expectations, and market the products effectively.
  • Should be aware of the financial aspects of the software, maintenance etc.
  • Has to be easily approachable and trouble shoot the problems within a short notice.
  • Should have a spare for any important code or program and has to take regular backups and maintain them.

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