Auto Sales Consultant Job Duties

By | March 20, 2014

Auto Sales Consultant is mainly responsible for looking after the daily working of a store or a showroom or a sales office of an organization.

The candidate looks after incoming customers. To inform them about the product line, budget managements, loan opportunities, negotiations are some of the auto sales consultant job duties.

It is also important that the sales consultant knows how to close the deal and how to project the company’s product line in the best possible manner.

Auto Sales Consultant Job Duties

  • The auto sales consultant has to be physically present in the car showroom to show each automobile and describe its feature and specifications to the daily customers. He is the middle man between the company and the client.
  • He has to felicitate the deal, which is done by providing multiple options for the right customer. This includes study of price range, product technicalities, market study and integrity.
  • The job also includes duties such as handling enquiries from prospective clients, researching the issues, giving proper and well informed feedback.
  • Streamlining the customer orders in a timely way and ensuring the client’s approvals for certain clauses is also a duty of a sales consultant.
  • These consultants take care of arranging appointments for the sales representatives to meet clients on site. They also look after the strategies for market research.
  • Once a sales representative has been to the client, it’s the consultant’s duty to follow up with the client and give him enough information to carry out a deal.
  • Existing client issues need to be handled with care to sustain the association. These duties also come under sales consultant job profile. If a client issue arises, the consultant must take all measures to ensure that the client is happy with the services.
  • Sales consultant can observe the market sales patterns and talk to the marketing team of his company to devise strategies for sales growth.

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