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Fashion Design Assistant Job Duties

A person who works as an assistant to a fashion designer or any other person in the fashion industry is known as a fashion design assistant.  In some cases, fashion design assistants may not require any formal educational qualifications while in other cases, design assistants may need bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in fashion. … Read More »

Fashion Retail Job Duties

A fashion retail executive is a person who works for a fashion brand or in a fashion store as a retail executive and takes care of the sales aspect of the business. The retail store executive for a fashion store is in charge of selling of fashion merchandise, accessories or other items and makes sure… Read More »

Fashion Stylist Job Duties

A fashion stylist is a person who works in the fashion industry or with fashion retail stores to help people make fashion choices and suggest ways to build self- image through fashion.  The knowledge of fashion, style, trends and the industry is what helps a fashion stylist with his/her job.  These individuals are also often… Read More »

Fashion Merchandising Job Duties

A fashion merchandiser or merchandizing executive is a person who works in the fashion industry and takes care of several processing right from the production to the retail.  Fashion merchandizers help in product development, buying and selling fashion accessories and items, and fulfilling many such other duties and requirements. To work as a fashion merchandizer,… Read More »

Fabrication Engineer Job Duties

A fabrication engineer is an engineer who works in a wide range of industries and fields to assist on the manufacturing processes and see to it that tasks such as metallurgy, welding and other production jobs are well managed.  These engineers apply engineering principles and practices with the aim of improving manufacturing processes and may… Read More »

Hotel Chief Engineer Job Duties

A hotel chief engineer is an engineer who works for a hotel and is responsible for heading all the duties and tasks which are related to the maintenance, management and repair of equipments, tools and facilities of the hotel. A hotel chief engineer leads a team of technicians and engineers to troubleshoot problems or work… Read More »

Geotechnical Engineer Job Duties

A Geotechnical Engineer is a professional who plans, designs and inspects the design as well as the structure of roads, canals, embankments, buildings and other construction projects. He/she is responsible for handling or dealing with geological issues or hazards such as soil erosion and landslides. These people have the knowledge of rock formation, soil, underground… Read More »

Validation Engineer Job Duties

A validation engineer is an engineer who has the education and skills to handle and work with equipments, systems and mechanics that are used to manufacture products or produce them. Mathematics as well as science is the basic requirements and base of this field of work and thus a validation engineer must be extremely strong… Read More »

Fashion Sales Assistant Job Duties

A fashion sales assistant is a person who works in a fashion retail store and assists customers and buyers in making purchases depending upon their taste, choice, requirement and size.  When a person visits a fashion retail store to buy clothes, shoes, accessories and other items, then a sales assistant makes sure that the shopping… Read More »

Senior Software Engineer Job Duties

A Senior Software Engineer is a senior level engineer working in a company that deals with development or selling of software or a business company which requires new and suitable software products on a regular basis. These professionals are responsible for the planning, processing and implementation of programming systems and doing analysis of existing software… Read More »