Auditing Control Clerk Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Auditing Control Clerk’s Job responsibility is to audit and assess the business transactions, reports and procedures. He is required to see to it that the work across various departments is being done as per the set guidelines. An Auditing Control Clerk is required to conduct audits on a regular basis. In most organizations, these are conducted on a monthly basis.

Auditing Control Clerk Job Duties

  • An Auditing Control Clerk conducts audits for various business procedures, processes and transactions.
  • Post conducting the audits, an Auditing Control Clerk is required to prepare the audit reports. He needs to include all the audit details in these reports.
  • His task involves sharing the reports with the relevant departments in order to discuss and work upon the loopholes in the system.
  • He is required to maintain the audit-control files and audit cards.
  • An Auditing Control Clerk is also required to conduct field audits or coordinate with the field auditors for conducting these audits.
  • He needs to review the audit files and compare them with the data present in the files.
  • An Auditing Control Clerk is required to prepare production reports.
  • He needs to ensure that the figures in the reports are mathematically correct. In case there is an error, the Auditing Control Clerk must ensure that it is pointed out and corrected. This is also recorded in the audit reports.
  • In certain companies, the Auditing Control Clerk is given additional responsibilities. These may include maintaining customer relations.
  • He may be required to give training to the employees on handling their tasks as per the policies and procedures set by the company.

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