Audit Clerks Supervisor Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

Audit Clerk Supervisors are involved in monitoring the tasks of clerks and administrative support personnel. They monitor and assess their work and supervise them on carrying out various tasks. Apart from relevant educational qualification and work experience, one must have good communication and inter-personal skills in order to handle this position well.

Audit Clerks Supervisor Job Duties

  • Audit Clerks Supervisors are required to conduct audits on a regular basis and figure out the loopholes in the system.
  • Their job duties include training and instructing the employees about following the guidelines set by the company while performing their respective tasks.
  • They are required to supervise the work of the office administrative staff, clerks and other employees and ensure that they meet the quality standards and the company’s expectations.
  • Audit Clerks Supervisors are expected to share and discuss performance issues with the senior office staff or the department heads and figure out the reason for the same.
  • They help the department heads in improving the overall quality of work in the office.
  • Audit Clerks Supervisors help their subordinates with difficult tasks. They never hesitate intervening in the tasks that require their attention.
  • They evaluate the performance of office personnel and see to it that they work as per the policies and procedures laid by the company.
  • Audit Clerks Supervisors communicate and explain the company’s processes and policies to the office staff.
  • They help the management in taking staffing decisions.
  • Audit Clerks Supervisors assist the management by providing inputs in case the management decides to make certain changes in the process or policy.

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