Audit Clerk Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

The job responsibilities of an Audit Clerk involve conducting audits and verifying the calculations and reports prepared for different business transactions. He also assesses various accounts and determines the accuracy of the tasks handled by his subordinates. An Audit clerk must have an eye for the detail in order to perform his duty accurately.

Audit clerk job duties

Audit Clerks are required to fill and submit the tax forms and returns.

  • They also work upon completing various other forms including the pension contribution forms, workers’ compensation forms and various other documents related to the business transactions carried out by the company.
  • They are required to keep a track of the inventory and maintain its records.
  • Audit clerks offer personal bookkeeping services.
  • They carry out tasks such as calculating deductions for income and social security taxes.
  • Audit Clerks deal in the preparation of expense reports and work orders.
  • They audit various documents to check the accuracy of work done by personnel from different departments.
  • Audit Clerks work on the accounting software in order to store and record information.
  • They work on computer spreadsheets and databases in order to prepare various reports. It is essential for an Audit Clerk to know the working of these spreadsheets so as to prepare the reports appropriately.
  • They need to code the documents following the company’s guidelines.
  • Audit Clerks conduct audits on a regular basis and compile the auditing reports.
  • They share the discrepancies found during the audits with the relevant department so that improvisations may be done on the area of concern.

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