Assistant Professor Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Assistant professor job duties include imparting education to the students. They specialize in different subjects and are required to have a relevant degree in order to get into this position. Assistant professors are basically a rank lower than the professors as they are mostly new joiners or those who do not have any prior work experience in this field.

Assistant Professor Job Duties

  • Assistant Professors are responsible for conducting lectures and imparting quality education to the students.
  • Assistant Professors need to plan and prepare the examination papers and conduct examination.
  • Assistant Professors assess the students based on their performance during the academic session and also as per their performance in the examination.
  • Assistant Professors need to stay updated with the latest about their subject and teach accordingly.
  • Assistant Professors may be involved in conducting special workshops for students.
  • Assistant Professors participate in arranging various events in their college.
  • Assistant Professors may even give inputs while their subject’s course curriculum is being prepared.
  • Assistant Professors need to explore newer teaching methods that are interesting and helpful for the students.
  • Assistant Professors may even encourage the students to take part in other activities such as dramatics, debates, singing, dancing, painting, etc.
  • Assistant Professors may guide the students on choosing the right career path.
  • Assistant Professors help in grooming the overall personality of the students.
  • Assistant Professors need to attend seminars and meetings conducted in their college or institute as well as other places in order to enhance their knowledge.
  • Assistant Professors need to make sure that the students stay disciplined and maintain decorum.

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