Assistant Principal Job Duties

By | March 7, 2012

An Assistant Principal works as a helping hand for the principal or the school superintendent. Assistant Principal Job Duties include maintaining the school discipline and ensuring that all the staff members follow the school rules and regulations while carrying out their duties. He follows the instructions of the principal and also provides suggestions to him/ her for bringing improvisations in the system.

Assistant Principal Job Duties

  • An Assistant Principal is required to share the workload of the School Principal and work in accordance with him/ her.
  • He is required take part in setting the various rules and regulations of the schools.
  • He needs to ensure that the school decorum is maintained at all times. For this he may provide special instructions to the teachers and other staff members.
  • An Assistant Principal is involved in taking various big decisions involving the school’s progress.
  • He is required to plan various student activities by discussing the different possibilities with the principal as well as the teachers.
  • He is also involved in implementing and supervising the same.
  • An Assistant Principal is required to plan various education programs for improving the means of imparting education.
  • He is involved in planning various celebrations at school such as the sports day, annual day and other festive celebrations.
  • He may give motivational lectures to the students during assembly hours.
  • An Assistant Principal ensures that proper safety measures are taken to ensure the security of the students.
  • He is involved in reviewing the performance of the teachers and provides them feedback for improving the same.

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