Assistant Nursing Home Administrator Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Assistant Nursing Home Administrator Duties

An Assistant Home Administrator needs to plan, develop, organize and administer the facility’s Quality Assurance Program. He should also develop and maintain written policies and procedures that run the operation of the facility.¬†Apart from this he also communicates the facility’s policies and procedures to staffs, residents, family members, visitors as well as government agencies.

Job Duties of Assistant Nursing Home Administrator

  • He needs to assure that all recruits, visitors and the general public follow established guidelines and policies and take necessary action if the policies are violated.
  • He should attend committee and board meetings when necessary.
  • Representing the facility at, and take participation in management level meetings with the County and external organizations is also one of his duties.
  • Maintaining good public relations to serve the best interest of the facility and community is also required in this job position.
  • He should participate in the facility’s personnel procedure when required. This may consist of hiring, terminating employment, disciplinary hearings and complaint hearings.
  • He should assist Department Directors in the setting up, accomplishment, scheduling of in-service training classes, practical job training and orientation programs to give surety that the current policies and procedures are examined and updated as necessary.
  • Reviewing resident complaints and objections and making written reports of action taken is also necessary.


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