Assistant Marketing Manager Job Duties

By | August 22, 2013

Assistant marketing manager is hired primarily to assist the marketing department and works under the supervision of a marketing director. These candidates must be experienced ones who have enough information and experience in the field of marketing. The position of assistant marketing manager is crucial because it involves planning out marketing strategies and operations to increase the company turnover and some of the major assistant marketing manager job duties are mentioned below.

Assistant Marketing Manager Job Duties:

  • Primarily assist the marketing manager in planning and supervising marketing strategies based on research on various factors like pricing, competition, client preferences so that the desired revenue target is achieved.
  • Having a clear cut knowledge and idea about the company goals and aligning for the same to achieve the target.
  • Coordinating with the brand manager for developing a market plan and budget and analysing sales data in order to forecast sales.
  • Recommending promotional activities which are creative, unique and cost effective as well.
  • Conducting campaigns and trade shows in order to create awareness among customers regarding the brand.
  • Coordinating with art departments for developing displays and signage and helping in design and development of promotional materials for the brand.
  • Maintaining customer relationship by designing suitable programs and keeping a track of their satisfaction and feedback.
  • Collaborating with advertising manager for promoting new consumer campaigns and developing plans for engaging consumers.
  • Being fully informed regarding the latest market trends and movements and competitor activities and giving reports to management whenever necessary.
  • Generating sales, evaluating current marketing program and also recommending improvements for enhancing sales.
  • Attending the top seminars and trade shows or exhibitions related to the organization and being updated with the help of magazines, journals to know the latest developments.
  • Assuming responsibilities for maintaining public relations in the form of writing press releases, making logistical calls and supervising the completion of advertising campaigns.

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