Assistant Counsel to The Chief Justice Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Assistant Counsel to The Chief Justice Duties

Being an Assistant Counsel to the Chief Justice, your job duties include providing assistance to support governance responsibilities of the court. To be more precise your work responsibilities will be mostly related to the briefing of court rules, support with varieties of activities related with the development of judicial branch policies across the State

Job Duties of Assistant Counsel to The Chief Justice

  • Your duties would be to provide assistance to the chief justice under the policies of the counsel.
  • Beside this you will have to assist in a wide range of matters which are interconnected to the court’s governance responsibilities.
  • Brief the court rules, or provide your support in several areas of activities associated with the development of judicial branch policies statewide.
  • You will have to watch the progress of action matters for the council and also provide assistance in the implementation procedures of council decisions and recommendations.
  • Give assistance in the formulation and examination of suggestion for a policy, legislation and regulations related to the administration of justice.
  • The job duties of an assistant Counsel  To The Chief Justice also incorporates assisting the judicial branch communications employees with rejoinder to public inquiries as well as the media requests supporting in the groundwork of public information and public outreach materials.

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