Art Educator Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Art Educator Duties

An art educator is a person who teaches art. The art field includes painting, sculpting, sketching, etc. The art educator teaches on these fields. He is a specialized professional on any of these fields and imparts education on the processes and techniques of the art. Art education involves more practical learning than theoretical studies. The art educator should have adequate knowledge on the art processes and the applications.

Art Educator Job Duties

  • Developed course curriculum by introducing new art forms and ways of developing them.
  • Organized exhibitions and displays where the students can showcase their art talent.
  • Evaluated students’ progress and taught according to that.
  • Conducted meetings with the administration to manage resources required for art classes.
  • Researched new methods of art forms for improvising in classes and selected course materials.
  • Maintained progress reports of students and conducted interactive sessions with guardians to facilitate the progress of their wards.
  • Provided ample instruction and guidance relating to painting, sketching and designing.
  • Demonstrated the use of variety of art materials and tools.
  • Organized trips to art galleries and exhibitions with students to give them an idea of finesse work and display.
  • Interacted with students and provided solutions regarding their problems.
  • Developed well defined learning strategies to develop interest of students.
  • Coordinated with other staff to develop teaching methods and enlighten the class environment.

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