Army Nurse Job Duties

By | June 25, 2013

An army nurse is the one who takes care and provides necessary services to the army members. The candidate is a registered nurse and performs all the necessary tests and provides required course of medication. She also assists during a surgery. A candidate aspiring to be an army nurse should hold a certification in the required nursing program and host of other qualifications are also a must.

An army nurse holds an important place and hence is vested upon with a number of duties. Given below are some of the responsibilities that for a part of an army nurse’s job duties.

Sample Army Nurse Job Duties

  • An army nurse is responsible for providing nursing services in which she specialises. She also needs to assist and provide nursing care to the members of the army.
  • She needs to promote overall well-being and mental well-being of all the patients.
  • She needs to look after all aspects of nursing, be it planning, synchronization, evaluation, management or training.
  • She must monitor the wounds and observe its healing rate. She needs to report to the concerned physician when the recovery isn’t as desired.
  • She is also required to train other medical personals and supervise them. She teaches them about clinical nursing and educates them on all the different facets of army nursing.
  • She needs to maintain and update the records of the medicines required and all individual prescriptions. She also needs to maintain a patient’s treatment history for the purpose of future references.
  • She must make sure to maintain and clean utensils and sterilize instruments, promoting hygiene.
  • She also needs to recommend, to the higher officials, the medical programs to be taken up and activities that need to be taken up for healthcare.
  • She needs to be the link and help consult the patients, ensuring smooth and continued care.
  • She needs to guide the army members on how to prevent injuries and the treatment of the same.

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