Architecture Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Architecture Duties

The architect is the one that do the planning and designing of any structures for any private residences, and so many other establishments that make certain in order to built correctly. A person involved in architecture is using is imagination and experience together to come up with the most attractive design for each project made as every creation of the architect is a reflection of his versatility.

Architecture Job Duties

  • Preparation of information regarding design, specifications, materials, colors, equipment, estimated costs and time frame for construction.
  • Provision of various pre-design services which can be in the form of feasibility and environmental impact studies, site selection and design requirements
  • Consultation with the client/s to determine the necessary requirement
  • Preparation and presentation of drawing to clients’ preview and approval
  • Preparation of the operating, maintenance and safety manuals, studies and reports
  • Works accurately and efficiently on contract job for better results of project.
  • Always assure to follow the given design and blueprints for clients satisfaction and demands.

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