Architectural Engineer Job Duties

By | October 5, 2012

Architectural Engineer job duties include preparing plans for constructing buildings. These engineers are required to coordinate with civil engineers, project managers and other professionals in order to accomplish various architectural tasks.

One needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering and should have been trained well in handling this work in order to get into this position. Candidates who have some relevant work experience stand a better chance of getting a good opportunity.

Architectural Engineer Job Duties

  • Architectural Engineer is required to meet the clients and understand their building requirement.
  • Architectural Engineers also needs to understand the client’s budget and work upon planning the construction tasks accordingly.
  • Architectural Engineer is required to work in association with the architects, design engineers as well as the construction labor.
  • Architectural Engineer is required to apply mathematical principles for preparing the building blueprints.
  • Architectural Engineer is required to observe the construction place properly before starting with the work.
  • Architectural Engineer may also be required to seek advice from the safety engineers on building designs and structures.
  • Architectural Engineer may be required to prepare the blueprint manually or using computer programs such as CAD which stands for computer-aided drafting.
  • Architectural Engineer needs to show the blueprint to the client and get it approved from him. He may be required to make certain changes as per the client’s requirement.
  • Architectural Engineer may be required to select the construction material on his own.
  • Architectural Engineer is required to visit the construction site several times while the project is going on.
  • Architectural Engineer needs to instruct the construction labors and other workers at the construction site on carrying out various tasks.
  • Architectural Engineer is required to evaluate the protocols presented by the architects.
  • Architectural Engineer needs to ensure optimal use of the raw material available for the construction and design of the building.

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