Architect Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Architect Job Duties basically involve planning and structuring buildings. A person with creative mind is apt for this position. In order to become an Architect, one must hold a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Candidates must have thorough knowledge about the subject. Those with a relevant work experience are certainly given preference.

Architect Job Duties

  • An architect is involved in preparing the blueprint for various building structures
  • He is required to understand the client’s requirements and work as per his instructions.
  • The work of an architect also involves planning and designing the building structures as per the client’s requirement and the budget set by him.
  • He needs to choose the building material. An architect needs to see to it that the material is of good quality and comes in the budget set by the client.
  • An architect is also required to decide the colour scheme of the building and other structures he is working on.
  • He is required to schedule his work in a way that it gets finished before the given deadline
  • An architect is required to stay updated with the knowledge about latest designs, colour schemes, building material, etc.
  • He must see to it that all the safety measures are followed while working on the building structures
  • He is required to coordinate with the contractors in order to bring out the required design.
  • An architect must also coordinate with suppliers to get the kind of material his client demands
  • He is expected to come up with new and innovative construction designs.



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