Anaesthesiologist Assistant Job Duties

By | January 9, 2014

Anaesthesiologist Assistant is one who assists the anaesthesiologist in all their procedures. They are highly trained and skilled professionals who work under the direction of a license anaesthesiologist. They are responsible for managing and assisting all the anaesthesia equipments, offering quality anaesthesia care and assisting the patients along with monitoring them.

To ensure the continuity and quality of anaesthesia care they assist the patients before, after and during the anaesthesia procedures. It is their responsibility to inform the patients about all the associated aspects of anaesthesia. They assist the anaesthesiologist during the entire procedure and ensure the safety of the patient after the operation as well. They work in hospitals and other surgery centres. The list of various Anaesthesiologist Assistant job duties is given below:

Anaesthesiologist Assistant Job Duties

  • Anaesthesiologist Assistant keeps a complete track record of the history of the patients.
  • They induce and sustain the anaesthesia levels in the patients. They also perform the physical examination of the patient to ensure the safety of the patient during the anaesthesia administration.
  • Assist in diagnostic tests and prepare patients for all the invasive and non-invasive procedures.
  • Perform pre-testing on all the anaesthesia delivery systems and monitor the patients throughout the procedures.
  • Anaesthesiologist Assistant ensures the continuity of care after the operation during the post operative recovery period.
  • They play a major role in intensive care units and plain clinics by assisting the anaesthesiologist.
  • They also perform some administrative duties by keeping the records of the procedures and medications.
  • Anaesthesiologist Assistant is also trained in using all life saving measures like life support and CPR etc.
  • They must assist the physicians in providing the optimum health by ensuring the safety of the patients.
  • They perform many critical tasks by helping the anaesthesiologist during the entire procedure.

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