Ambulatory Care Nurse Job Duties

By | June 20, 2013

A nurse who assesses any outpatient for a very long term is known as an ambulatory care nurse. She is a nurse who takes care of a patient outside the hospital premises. They basically look after patient with chronic illnesses and those with injuries. They also deal in pain management. An aspirant must first be a registered nurse with at least two years work experience. Discussed below are an ambulatory care nurse’s job duties.

Sample Ambulatory Care Nurse Job Duties

  • An ambulatory care nurse caters to outpatients’ needs.
  • An ambulatory care nurse largely aims at making a patient independent in an environment to the extent possible. Hence promoting well-being of the patients.
  • She takes care of the patients needs and looks after the timely medication of the patient.
  • She needs to provide preventive measures to the patient and help recover faster.
  • She must check for the vital signs of well-being in a patient and keep checking blood pressure levels and body temperature timely.
  • She needs to work along with the patient’s family and help them learn special care that is needed post the treatment.
  • She also needs to follow up with the physician and check of any additional tests or examinations that are to be carried out. She must keep a close tab on the patient’s recovery and record every detail in the case history.
  • While in hospital, she must maintain a record with all the details of all outpatients and document all the information that could be used as a resource in future.
  • She needs to manage the doses as prescribed by the physician and adjust it timely as the prescription says. She must aid a patient’s faster recovery.
  • At times these nurses are also required to provide advice to the patients on phone, through video conferencing or through internet.

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