Ambulance Driver Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

An ambulance driver is a person who drives and ambulance to transport sick and injured people to the hospital or medical centre or clinic. Any ambulance driver must be a really safe driver and must be committed to his duty as he can be responsible for saving many people’s lives, indirectly. Any person holding a driving license and with good driving skills can become an ambulance driver by applying at a hospital. This job involves quite a few duties, the list of which is present in the following lines.

Ambulance Driver Job Duties:

  • An ambulance driver’s primary job duty is to take orders from the hospital and drive the ambulance to the address of the sick or injured to pick him/her up carefully on the stretcher and transport him to the hospital in a safe manner.
  • The job duty of an ambulance driver requires him to be extremely sensitive about the patient’s medical condition and make his way through the traffic in the minimum possible time.
  • He is also required to change the soiled stretcher linen, keep the ambulance extremely neat and clean and look after the maintenance and repair of the ambulance.
  • An ambulance driver may also be required to inform the hospital authorities about the condition of the patient in the ambulance from time to time and arrange for any possible preparation required in the hospital.
  • In some cases, an ambulance driver may be required to report the death of a patient if it happens on the way to the hospital itself.

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