Airport Security Officer Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Airport Security Officer Duties

The chief responsibility of an Airport Security Officer is to screen all staffs using archway metal detectors while they are passing through the restricted zones and if necessary go for manual body searching. In this position he needs to check all items being carried into those restricted areas with the help of x-ray equipments for the safety and security of Airport, aircrafts and passengers.

Job Duties of Airport Security Officer

  • Screening all airport staffs using metal detectors who are passing through the restricted zones.
  • Using x-ray equipments, to check the items being carried into the restricted zones. He must ensure that that no prohibited articles are taken into those areas that can cause danger to the aircrafts, passengers and personnel. It will be his duty to screen all passengers Hold Luggage.
  • Resolve inquiries from passengers and assist them with their flight through their airport
  • He should respond to and assist with emergency situations for instance aircraft emergencies, terminal evacuations and security incidents.
  • Carrying out patrols of the terminal and airside areas to make certain that the terminal is secure, specifically if there is any doubtful persons identified and their presence is justified, whether the airside/landside doors are fully secured, etc.

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