Airport Security Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012

An Airport Security officer screens people with the help of metal detectors before they go through the restricted areas. They even conduct a manual body search in certain cases. An Airport Security staff is also required to do a security check of all the items being carried by a person through the restricted zones in order to ensure the security and safety at Airport.

Airport Security Job Duties

  • An Airport Security officer needs to screen all those people at the airport who are going through the restricted areas
  • He is required to use a metal detector to screen people
  • He is also required to conduct a manual body search as and when required
  • He must possess knowledge about utilizing X-ray equipments for checking the items that are being taken into the restricted zones
  • He must also be watchful about the vehicles at the parking and if suspicion arises check them or get them checked by other security officials.
  • He must make sure that no one is allowed to take any forbidden or illegal article in the restricted zone as they might be harmful and may cause nuisance at the airport.
  • He is expected to answer to the passenger queries and if need be, guide them through the airport to their flight
  • He must assist the people at airport during emergency situations such as aircraft emergencies, terminal evacuations and other similar situations.
  • He should ensure patrolling of the terminal as well as the airside areas regularly in order to ensure security at the terminal.
  • He is also required to maintain reports and make efforts for streamlining and speeding up the security process.

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