Aircraft Pilot Job Duties

By | January 3, 2012

An aircraft pilot is a person whose job is to fly aircrafts or airplanes which may be private, commercial or government aided. Any aircraft pilot must be an eligible pilot and must have attained the required education. Generally, there are number of pilots on board during a period flight; one who flies the aircraft and the other who contacts the air traffic controller and does the necessary paper work. These pilots take turns to fly the aircraft.

Aircraft Pilot Job Duties:

  • The job of an aircraft pilot involves lots of responsibility as well as commitment.
  • Aircraft pilot’s job is more than just flying an aircraft. He is also responsible for the safety of the aircraft as well as the passengers which requires presence of mind, intelligence and attention to details.
  • His job involves him to know the working of the aircraft in detail and be able to manage and work through difficult climatic situations and weather conditions.
  • His job is to ensure that all information related to the weather, routes, passengers and the condition of the aircraft is received beforehand.
  • Air craft pilot also needs to regulate the noise levels during takeoff and landing procedures.
  • He also needs to eligible enough to make regular checks on the aircraft’s technical and mechanical performance and condition.
  • He must also be versed to communicate with the passengers using the public address system.
  • He must be extremely quick to react to changes in weather conditions and other emergency situations.

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