Aircraft Log Clerk Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Aircraft Log Clerk is required to keep a track of the usage and the time interval between the assessment and maintenance of a selected airplane part. He is expected to carry out various other activities as well. A candidate is given formal training in the same before beginning with the work.

Aircraft Log Clerk Job Duties

  • An Aircraft Log Clerk speaks to the department supervisors for examining the development and sees if any changes are to be made.
  • He is required to assess the documents related to aircraft logs.
  • An Aircraft Log Clerk communicates the requirement for conducting inspection of airplane parts to the inspection department. He includes work notations on the inspection report form.
  • He makes reports on the delays caused because of mechanical issues.
  • He maintains a record of the gasoline used on a daily basis.
  • An Aircraft Log Clerk checks the production schedules, work orders and other such documents and decides whether the manpower and materials are sufficient or if there is a requirement for more.
  • He helps in coordinating the production and shipping activities.
  • An Aircraft Log Clerk maintains the material and supply inventory which is required to meet the production demands.
  • He checks the production schedules and revises them as and when required. Changes in these schedules may be required for various reasons such as the shortage of manpower or material, changes in designs, marketing, production, etc.
  • An Aircraft Log Clerk maintains a record of the production data.
  • He provides the production schedules to the relevant department.
  • He distributes the work order to the relevant departments.

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