Air Transportation Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Air Transportation Specialist is responsible for carrying out various air transportation activities. His tasks involve planning, scheduling and processing air cargo goods and directing the passengers traveling by air. In order to become an Air Transportation Specialist, one must have knowledge about the passenger and cargo movement functions. An experience in the same field is an added advantage.

Air Transportation Job Duties

  • An Air Transportation Specialist’s work involves planning, organizing and managing air transportation activities.
  • He is required to figure out the requirement for manpower and equipments and share the same with the relevant department.
  • An Air Transportation Specialist looks at the supplies and facilities required for the smooth functioning of the air transportation.
  • He prepares a record of the items transported under his supervision.
  • Similarly, he keeps a record of the passengers who boarded the aircraft.
  • An Air Transportation Specialist ensures essential safety and security procedures for the goods as well as the passengers.
  • Air Transportation Specialist is required to manage and direct the transportation routes as per the client’s requirement.
  • He is involved in supervising the cargo loading and unloading activities.
  • He also addresses the transportation issues, if any and works upon improving the air transportation process.
  • He ensures the cleanliness of the aircraft.
  • An Air Transportation Specialist sees the eligibility of cargo provided to be transported by air and has the right to approve or reject it.
  • He ensures that the cargo is properly packed and labeled.
  • He provides information regarding the scheduled departure and arrival of the air craft, route to be followed, baggage limitation, etc.

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