Air Traffic Controller Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Air Traffic Controller oversees the aircrafts and other air traffic. He is involved in managing various activities in order to ensure that the air traffic moves safely and smoothly. After a candidate is hired, he is given formal training on handling all the job responsibilities.

Air Traffic Controller Job Duties

  • An Air Traffic Controller is expected to ensure that the air traffic moves smoothly and safely.
  • He needs to conduct searches for the aircrafts that have gone missing.
  • An Air Traffic Controller is required to monitor the radio equipments and ensure that they are adjusted well at all times.
  • He needs to check that the airport lights are working fine. An Air Traffic Controller is responsible for maintaining and controlling these lights.
  • An Air Traffic Controller needs to send an alert to the airport emergency staff in case there is any emergency situation.
  • He must stay alert at all times and report immediately in case an aircraft is experiencing any problem.
  • An Air Traffic Controller must work in accordance with the policies and procedures set by the authorities.
  • He must stay updated with the information related to weather conditions, fuel requirement, air routes, etc at all times.
  • An Air Traffic Controller contacts the pilots in order to provide them information related to meteorology, navigation, etc.
  • He carries out pre-flight briefings that include information about the weather conditions, route to be followed, safety measure, etc.
  • An Air Traffic Controller keeps a track of the messages received from the aircraft.

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