Air Hostess Job Duties

By | October 11, 2013

Air hostess has many vital job duties to fulfill which include welcoming and serving the passenger, attending issues on board, selling products, etc. Airhostess preferably should hold a degree in sociology, or bachelor of administration. An air hostess is to provide overall support and care to the passengers throughout the flight journey. Some of the major job duties of air hostess are mentioned below:

Air Hostess Job Duties

  • Welcome the passengers and offer to show them the seat if required, assist them on placing their cabin bags, fastening the seat belts etc.
  • Should make announcements regarding the status of the flight, journey time, location of the destination, any important information, or emergencies, without frightening or panicking the passengers.
  • Should demonstrate the safety measures that have to be followed by clearly explaining the passengers on what is to be done at the time of emergency.
  • Solving and ticket issues, problems or any other inconveniences caused to the passengers on board.
  • Share with the passengers about the destination’s importance, flight rules, things that are to be followed during the journey, and mention about the actions that would be taken in case of misbehavior.
  • Need to communicate to the passengers about the facilities that are offered by the airlines, and give a demo on how to reach the cabin crew to avail any facility.
  • In case of emergency, or turbulence, should be able to maintain peace inside the flight and instruct the passengers on what they have to do, politely.
  • Have to communicate the passengers about the do and don’ts during the flight journey.
  • Have to look after the administrations activities and take care of the stock of food and beverages, medicines at the time of emergency, first aid kit etc. Should have to alert the pilot about any emergency requirements during the flight.

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