Air Force Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

An Air Force Official is the air arm of the armed forces. There are different Air Force officials who are employed for handling various tasks for running this wing. A person has to undergo various tests in order to work in Air Force.

Air Force Job Duties

  • An Air Force official is expected to safeguard his country and the country men.
  • Different Air Force officials may be involved in different works. Some of them are involved in planning and developing the Air Force, joint services and combined plans.
  • An Air Force official takes instructions from the defence personnel at the time of executing the planning processes.
  • He is required to prepare assumptions on which the planning processes are made.
  • He is required to train the new recruits in the Air Force team.
  • He must stay in discipline and carry out his tasks with full dedication.
  • Certain Air Force officials may be involved in flight refuelling.
  • Air Force officials are involved in airfield management.
  • Certain set of Air Force officials are expected to interpret imagery.
  • Some Air Force officials are weather specialists and are expected to study the weather conditions.
  • There are Air force officials who provide medical services. These officials must have relevant educational qualification and certificate to practice medicine.
  • Air Force officials are also involved in flying planes.
  • Air Force officials must be ready at all times to deal with the combat situations.
  • They are required to prepare wartime capacities.

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