Agriculturists Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Agriculturist’s Duties

Agriculture is a process of producing goods and food with the help of farming. The job mainly involves in the fields. Hence the people working range from farmers, plant technicians, soil technicians and both men and women are involved. The nature of job is very strenuous with day long toiling in the field exposed to sun and rain and they have to brave extreme climatic conditions.

Job Duties of Agriculturists

To plough the field with appropriate seedlings based on different climatic conditions;

·        To ensure regular watering by providing channels from the bore well so that the entire crops get adequately watered;

·        To supervise the farm labourers and ensure timely harvesting of certain crops, oversee the packers and ensure the produces go to the market on time;

·        Acquire knowledge in the subject from different sources and apply the same for better yield.

·        Record and maintain data relating to experimentation, research, and animal care.

·        To proper upkeep of cattle by timely immunizing them, provide medical care as and when necessary.

·        Maintain adequate stock of fodder for the cattle.

·        To plant the seeds in particular areas, count the resulting plants for determining the percentage of germinated seeds.

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