Agriculture Scientist Job Duties

By | December 2, 2010

Agriculture Scientist Duties

An agricultural scientist works for the development of agriculture crops. He uses natural and economic sciences as well as scientific principles to develop the agricultural techniques and crops for the effective production of animals, and various other edible crops for human use. The agriculture scientist studies the crops, land and also irrigation techniques to bring out good quality products for use. Apart from that, agriculturists also manage the effective use of the produced goods and their use, for e.g. dairy products, cereal used to make other sub products.

Agriculture Scientist Job Duties

  • Study crops and their way of cultivation methods for effective production.
  • Promote new techniques of organizing crops for better efficient productivity.
  • Study the farming methods and land quality to ensure development and good produce.
  • Ensure environmental measures are maintained while farming land.
  • Promoted steps to improve the quality and value of animal and crop production.
  • Developed steps to tackle pests in crops and other damage causing insects.
  • Collected and analyzed samples of soil, ground water and crop plants and sent them for research.
  • Supervised working of agricultural researchers and farmers.
  • Assist workers in handling of agricultural machinery and tools and trained them.
  • Manage files and paperwork of the research centre or the fieldwork assigned.
  • Planned and administered programs for testing foods and dairy products.
  • Conducted specimen study of samples collected and analyzed reports.

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