Agriculture Research Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Agriculture Research Job Duties include conducting research in various fields of agriculture. They may specialize in the study of animals, plants, pests, use of pesticides, seeds, or any other agricultural field. In order to get into this position a person must possess a bachelor’s degree in Science specializing in agriculture. Candidates with master’s degree in this field are given more preference.

Agriculture Research Job Duties

  • Agriculture Research officials, as the name suggests, conduct extensive research to figure out new methods of augmenting the crop yields
  • They try to find out newer means to increase the diary productivity
  • Agriculture Research officials try to formulate new equipments with the help of which the dairy products production can be raised
  • They are required to take the samples from the animals’ or plants’ blood or tissue in order to study and conduct research about them
  • Agriculture Research officials need to conduct experiments for which they are required to use scientific equipments so they must be thorough with the use of these equipments
  • They are required to maintain proper documentation for all the research conducted as these are required to generate reports monthly or weekly reports
  • They use these reports to study the way tests are conducted and their results in order to generate newer methods of performing various agricultural activities such as growing the crops, eradicating pests and insects, looking after the animals, maintaining the farms, etc.
  • They need to study the reports to find out the loop holes and work upon improving them. They are expected to come up with ideas for the betterment of agriculture business.


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