Agricultural Technician Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

An Agricultural Technician is involved in the preparation of laboratory samples for the purpose of conducting analysis. Agricultural Technician Job Duties include collecting samples, maintaining reports, operating equipments and several other tasks. In order to get into this position one must have thorough knowledge about the use of various equipments and the methods of performing tests.

Agricultural Technician Job Duties

  • They prepare laboratory samples for conducting tests
  • They need to document the data related to the experiments and tests conducted by them
  • Agricultural Technicians need to operate various laboratory equipments such as air samplers, spectrometers, centrifuges, etc for conducting tests. They also require adjusting and maintaining these equipments.
  • They maintain reports and other related documents about the various activities agricultural activities handled by them
  • Agricultural Technicians need to weigh the ingredients required in testing
  • They take care of the laboratory animals. Give them water and food and maintain a record of the food given to them
  • They are also required to plant seeds and keep a track of the plants that grow out of those seeds.
  • They are required to take care of the pest control operations. They need to identify the pests; look for the chemicals to eradicate them and the proper manner in which these chemicals need to be applied.
  • They develop newer agricultural techniques and share them with agricultural or farm managers so that they are able to make the most from it.
  • They are involved in preparing the land for cultivating crops
  • Agricultural Technicians are required to examine the animals to identify disease or any other problems in them.

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